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Sundaram Select Debt Short Term Asset Plan

Fund Objective
The Fund seeks to earn regular income by investing primarily in fixed income securities, which may be paid as dividend or reinvested at the option of the investor. A secondary objective is to attempt to keep the value of its units reasonably stable..
Positioning : 
   Taps short term credit opportunities within the 3-6 months segment.
   Portfolio is a mix of highest rated money market securities and short term corporate bonds with rating AA and above.
   Suitable for investors with a slightly longer horizon than traditional ultra short term funds.
Asset Allocation
Scheme/Instrument % of the investible funds (indicative) Risk Profile
Debt instruments (including investment in securitised debt) 65-100% Low to medium
Money Market Investments 0-35% Low to Medium
Product Labeling
This product is suitable for investors who are seeking*
   Income over short to medium term.
   To earn regular income by investing primarily in fixed income securities.
   Medium Risk         Yellow
*Investors should consult their financial advisers if in doubt about whether the product is suitable for them
Note: Risk may be represented as:
(BLUE) Investors understand that their principal will be at low Risk (YELLOW) Investors understand that their principal will be at medium Risk (BROWN) Investors understand that their principal will be at high Risk

Sundaram Select Debt - Short Term
Portfolio as of November 30, 2014
Security Rating Weight
STCI Finance CRISIL A1+ 2.87
8.83% CGL 25/11/2023 GSEC 6.09
9.20 % CGL 30/09/2030 GSEC 3.40
8.28% CGL 21/09/2027 GSEC 1.89
8.88 % ANDHRA PRADESH SDL 16/10/2024 GSEC 0.64
8.17 % CGL 01/12/2044 GSEC 0.63
8.11% PUNJAB SDL 08/05/2023 GSEC 0.08
Mutual Fund Units
Sundaram Money Fund Direct Growth Mutual Fund 9.38
Corporate Bonds
Dewan Housing Finance Corp CARE AAA 11.94
Power Finance Corporation CRISIL AAA 7.11
Talwandi Sabo Power CRISIL AA+ 6.53
Shriram Transport Finance Company CARE AA+ 6.37
TATA Motors Finance CRISIL AA 5.70
North Eastern Electric Power Corporation [ICRA]AA- 4.49
Power Grid Corporation of India CRISIL AAA 3.85
Sesa Sterlite CRISIL AA+ 3.14
Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company [ICRA]AA 3.13
Rural Electrification Corporation CRISIL AAA 3.03
LIC Housing Finance CRISIL AAA 2.78
TATA Motors CARE AA+ 2.50
Housing Development Finance Corporation CRISIL AAA 1.91
Nabha Power [ICRA]AAA 1.18
Housing and Urban Development Corp. IND AA+ 0.63
Sundaram BNP Paribas Home Finance CARE AA 0.38
Export Import Bank of India CRISIL AAA 0.16
Repo/CBLO : 10.50
NCA: -0.47
Total : 100.00
Average AUM for the month of November (Rs.crore) 738.90
Average Maturity of Portfolio: 3.17 Years
Average Duration of Portfolio: 2.1 Years
Portfolio YTM: 8.78%


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Fund Facts
InceptionSepember 2002
Average AUM  738.90 Crore
BenchmarkCRISIL Liquid Fund Index
  Payout (Weekly,Fortnightly,
Monthly,Quarterly, Annual, Half Yearly )
  Dividend Reinvestment
Minimum Investment   5000
Minimum Additional Purchase   500
Exit Load NIL